Your air-conditioning system is one of the most critical systems in your house. It helps you in many different ways, and it makes life a lot more comfortable and convenient. However, it can also offer a lot of trouble if you do not take care of it properly. Just like any other installation at home and equipment you have, it also has a limited lifetime. It will not continue to work forever; however, you can determine how long it can work. No one wants to replace expensive installations now and then as it is impractical and it costs a lot. Most of the time, they are not even covered by insurance, so every expense needs to come from your pocket. And the hassle of not having an air-conditioning system is just tricky. It does not only offer discomfort, but it is not healthy too.

Here are some of the maintenance tips you can do for yourself to make sure your AC system is in excellent condition at all times.

Clean and Replace the Filter

When it comes to the filter, the most common mistake people do is to leave it there for an extended period without cleaning nor changing it. Everyone is busy, but sometimes we need to care about our homes too. It is not ideal to keep the filter for more than three months. Doing so is not healthy anymore since it is the front liner of the system. It is the part that receives and accumulate all dust and dirt particles. If you do not clean and replace it, you will be breathing in dirty air which can cause different kinds of diseases and illnesses. If you do not know how to replace the filter, you can check the manual or the internet. If not, you can always call an AC repair guy to do it for you. On the other hand, when it comes to cleaning, it is best if you clean it once or twice a month depending on how you think dirt gets collected.

Check on the Coils and Coil Fins

The coils and coil fins have a longer life than the filter. They are some of the parts that can stay there without being replaced for an extended period as long as you try to clean them regularly. It is advisable to clean these parts too whenever you clean the filter. But you do not have to change them every time you change the filter.

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Clean the Drains

Drains are often neglected when it comes to the AC system. Most people ignore it thinking that it is just fine. But do you know that when you leave it uncleaned for an extended period, dirt particles can accumulate there and cause damage to the system? When it gets clogged, other serious problems may follow, and these problems may cause the system to stop working. Therefore, it is best to make sure you clean the drains at least once a month depending on how you use your system.

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