While Brexit has led to a huge amount of uncertainty in the British housing market, homeowners should fear not. Initial doom and gloom predictions do not seem to have transpired, as house values away from London have stabilised in certain markets. While London carries on experiencing reduced values, using a good property agent will allow you to settle for a deal that is less profitable than desired, rather than perform a transaction where you make a loss.

The Jeremy James Co has the expertise required to make sure that you get the most from your money. Our staff specializes in property rental in Central London Marylebone area, and can deal with commercial and residential properties. We know Marylebone extremely well, and have over thirty years of experience in selling, buying and drawing up leases for many kinds of properties. Permit us to use our experience for your benefit.

Searching for a Diamond in the Rough

Although Central London prices are still reduced, this does not mean that you have no hope. Property Wire reports that, from September 2016, Marylebone rents have gone down by 9.9 percent. Although that statistic might be concerning, you can capitalize on that situation. Perhaps you own some vacant properties? If you do, reduced letting prices can draw new tenants in to your commercial or residential properties.

Occasionally, potential tenants are reluctant to rent a commercial space or flat in an exclusive central London area. With reduced rents, you can appeal to people who will appreciate the location, and then stay after the market has bounced back. As seasoned agents, we understand where to search and how to appeal to tenants who have been reluctant to rent Marylebone properties in the past. For you, this means that you can get empty properties filled, giving you an income rather than staying empty.

Change Your Perspective

Another area of the market that is a possible opportunity is millenials, lots of whom already regard themselves as lifelong renters. By correctly advertising to this demographic, and promoting the benefits of leasing a Marylebone flat, you can attract a completely different group to the area, which will pay you rent over the coming years.

The Service That Jeremy James Co Provides

We have worked with countless clients since 1981, to help them sell, buy and rent real estate. Over time, we have learned that it is wise to ride out market downturns and use these to assist our clients. Our company knows our central London area extremely well, however aside from this, we use tried and tested methodologies that enable us to get the highest price for your real estate.

Firstly, we will devise a sound advertising strategy for your properties, which involves using detailed floor plans and professional photographers to create attractive promotional literature. Also, we will use suitable portals, like Zoopla, Rightmove, Lonres and Prime Location to advertise your property, as well as the relevant web and print publications.

All of the above measures will be in vein though, unless your real estate is priced in the correct way, and your rental fees are negotiated wisely. The Jeremy James Co is your adviser for both. Get in touch with us immediately, for more details about how we can let your properties.

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