While Brexit has thrown the real estate industry in Britain into a state of uncertainty, people who own properties need not panic. The doom and gloom that was initially forecast does not seem to have materialized, as the value of homes away from London have remained stable in many areas. Although London is still experiencing depressed house prices, consulting a good real estate agent will help you to make as much money as possible from each deal you do.

One company that has enough experience to make sure that you maximize the profit potential of your assets is Jeremy James and Co. Our staff know all about property rental in Central London Marylebone area. This includes properties used for commercial and residential purposes. We are an authority on Marylebone, with a thirty year track record of selling, buying and arranging leases for properties of all types. Let us use our knowledge to help you.

Finding Reasons to be Optimistic

Of course, it is the case that Central London prices have fallen, so how does this impact on your chances? Property Wire says that, since September 2016, Marylebone rents have dropped by 9.9 percent. This figure does not read well, however you can use it to take advantage. Are any of the properties you own still vacant? If they are, reduced lettings prices will draw in different types of tenants to your commercial or residential properties.

Often, potential tenants shy way from renting commercial spaces or flats in exclusive parts of the capital. With reduced rents, you will appeal to a wider pool of tenants, people who will like the area and will remain after the market bounces back. As knowledgeable agents, we understand where to find and how to advertise to tenants who previously avoided properties in Marylebone. As a result, you can fill your empty properties and generate income, rather than lose money while they stay vacant.

Change Your Priorities

One area of the market that has much potential is millenials, lots of whom already see themselves as long term tenants. By correctly promoting to these people, and espousing the benefits of renting Marylebone flats, you will attract a new demographic into the neighborhood that will pay you rent over the coming years.

What Jeremy James and Co can do

Since our beginnings in 1981, we have assisted thousands of people in the buying, selling and letting of real estate. Over time, we have learned to keep our nerve during market downturns, and leverage these situations to help our customers. Our knowledge of this central London area is vast, however in addition, we utilize tried and tested methods that help us to get you the highest price for your home.

To begin with, we will put together a sound marketing strategy for your real estate, which involves an indepth floor plan and hiring professional photographers to create professional advertising literature. Also, we will use well known platforms, such as Prime Location, Lonres, Zoopla and Rightmove to promote your house, as well as suitable online and print publications.

This is all academic though, unless you price your properties in the correct way, and your tenancy agreements are correctly negotiated. Jeremy James and Co can take care of all of this. Call us immediately for further details on how we can let your properties for you.